Eight of Bamboo

Eight of Bamboo


There are many ways to win in the game of mahjong but the way you choose to win tells your opponents more about your character than it does your skill. The 8 of bamboo, an insignificant tile in the game of mahjong, was recreated by Shen as an homage to, Rachel, the heroine of the film, Crazy Rich Asians. Rachel’s battle to gain the acceptance of her fiancé’s wealthy family comes to a final conclusion over a tense game of mahjong against her fiancé‘s mother. Rachel uses her training as a game theorist to put herself in a position for a decisive victory but gives up the winning tile as a show of understanding of the sacrifices you make for family. This piece is a celebration of the delicate balance between intellect and honor.  

Hand-bent neon, green glitter acrylic, holographic film

20” x 15” x 6”

Each piece is signed and numbered with laser etching

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